Photos from festival events in 2017.

Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-129
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-53
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-115
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-82
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740009
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740074
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-49
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740006 2
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740019
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740021
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740029
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740052
20170330 CherryJam Willard S1740088
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-110
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-120
20170330 CherryJam WillardS1740048
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-100
Photo Credit_Tracy Moromisato_CJ2017-106
20170330 CherryJam WillardS1740058
20170416 EasterParade Akebono Willard_0580
20170416 EasterParade Akebono Willard_0600
20170416 EasterParade Akebono Willard_0619
20170416 EasterParade Akebono Willard_0655
20170416 EasterParade Akebono Willard0539
20170416 EasterParade Kanzan Willard_0434 2
20170416 EasterParade Shirotae Willard_0488
20170416 EasterParade Shirotae Willard_0506
20170416 EasterParade Shirotae Willard_0647
20170416 EasterParade Shirotae Willard_0749
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0410
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0453
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0670
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0673
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0679
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0694
20170416 EasterParade Willard_0762
20170416 EasterParade Yae-beni-shidare_0432
20170417 EasterParade Willard_0409
20170417 EasterParade Willard_0472
20170417 EasterParade Willard_0769
20170417 EasterParade Willard_0779
20170417 EasterParade Willard0770
20170417 UBC Akebono Willard_0807
20170417 UBC Shirotae Willard_0800
20170417 UBC Shirotae Willard_0900
20170417 UBC Shirotae Willard_0901
20170417 UBC Somei-yoshino Willard_0873
20170422 QEP Willard_0176
20170422 QEP Willard_0168
20170422 QEP Willard_0129
20170422 QEP Willard_0117
20170422 QEP Willard_0103
20170422 QEP Willard_0097
20170422 QEP Willard_0085
20170422 QEP Willard_0062
20170422 QEP ChokeCherry Willard_0148
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_PMP 2017
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_The Big Picnic_118
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_The Big Picnic_115
Photo Credit_VCBF_The Big Picnic_6
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_The Big Picnic_34
Photo Credit_VCBF_The Big Picnic_7
Photo Credit_VCBF_The Big Picnic_3
Photo Credit_VCBF_The Big Picnic_10
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_The Big Picnic_18
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_The Big Picnic_86
Photo Credit_Cakewalk_The Big Picnic_56
Photo Credit_VCBF_The Big Picnic_4
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Kanzan Stop 3_ Yaletowner
Evan Chen Photography
WhatsApp Image 2017-02-25 at 3.40.05 PM
SDJF icon 2016
Photo Credit_Lucas C. Lau_SDJF 2017_90
Photo Credit_Lucas C. Lau_SDJF 2017_66
Photo Credit_Lucas C. Lau_SDJF 2017_25
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL10
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL3
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL4
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL2
Photo Credit_Kirahishi Arts_Spring Lights_6
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL39
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL42
Photo Credit_Lukasz Szczepanski_SL44
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Kanzan Stop 2_ Yaletowner
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Midpoint 2_ Yaletowner
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Kanzan Stop 1_ Yaletowner
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Linda Poole_ Yaletowner
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Midpoint 1_ Yaletowner
20170429_1106_Bike the Blossoms Midpoint 3_ Yaletowner
2017 Sakura Night Gala Food Collage
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_SN2017-3
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_Sakura Night_2017_70
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_Sakura Night_2017_14
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_Sakura Night_2017_8
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_Sakura Night_2017_4
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_SN2017-14
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_SN2017-11
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_SN2017-13
Photo Credit_Leila Kwok_SN2017-8
' Neil_ City Hall -7
' Neil_ City Hall -5