Cherry blossom season has officially started in Vancouver. Akebono are now in full bloom, along with Pandora, Beni-shidare, Afterglow, and much more.

We understand it could be tempting to go to your favourite cherry blossom viewing spot. However, because of COVID-19 and the need to respect physical distancing and avoid gathering, it would be wise to consider, instead, enjoying a walk under cherry trees in your own neighbourhood.

With 40,000 cherry trees in the city, there’s plenty to see.

Here’s what I saw during a neighbourhood walk in Burnaby.

Akebono cherry trees at Cliff (corner Curtis):

2020331_duthie_akebono_tremblay_IMG_2259 b20200401_cliffcurtis_akebono_tremblay_IMG_2444

A small Beni-shidare that hasn’t been added to the VCBF map yet.


Afterglow cherry trees at Cliff and Curtis.  The bright pink flowers are magnificent!

20200401_cliffcurtis_afterglow_tremblay_IMG_2442 20200401_cliffcurtis_afterglow_tremblay_IMG_2422  20200401_cliffcurtis_afterglow_tremblay_IMG_2536 20200401_cliffcurtis_afterglow_tremblay_IMG_2349

There are 40,000 cherry trees planted in residential streets.  We’re so lucky to have access to these trees.

Have a look at the VCBF neigjbourhood maps to find trees near you.

Enjoy cherry trees in your neighbourhood. Stay safe and maintain physical distancing.