The true beauty of the Cherry Blossom bloom has amazed cultures all over the globe and Vancouver is home to one of the most stunning displays of Cherry Blossoms in the world. Every spring we are blessed with the arrival of thousands of new flowers to the delight of people from all ethnicities. With the “new normal” in 2020, onlookers and viewers of the Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver have reduced for the safety of all British Columbians.

As a tribute to this annual wonder of nature and to say thank you to all that are staying home and being safe for their communities, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and Peacemaker Filmworks are bringing the blossoms into our homes with a unique experience of floating among the Cherry Blossom Trees. Using the latest in cinema technology, drones, and stabilized camera systems, Vancouver’s own Peacemaker Filmworks is Canada’s leader in specialty camera production. Peacemaker’s team is excited to create a visual experience unlike anything seen before, showcasing mother nature in a visual meditation that fills the heart and mind with an uplifting experience.

Imagine yourself strolling along a pathway with a cherry blossom canopy, in full bloom. The colour, the wonder, and the connection we feel slow our pace as we become lost in thought. It’s late afternoon on a beautiful Vancouver day, the birds are singing, and mother nature shows us her glorious sunset amongst the cherry blossom trees. What was a stroll, has elevated into flight as if we are lifted off our feet and we are now floating amongst the blossoms and slowly soaring through the branches bursting with flowers.

2021 Bios
Patrick Weir is the lead Heavy Lift Drone Pilot at Peacemaker Filmworks and an active member of IATSE 669 as a UAV Aerial Cinematographer. Previously an owner/operator at Gyronimo Aerials, Patrick Weir has been pushing the limits in the field of UAV/ Drone Cinematography since the inception of the brushless gimbal in 2012. Today Patrick Weir is flying drones for the largest productions in the world including Deadpool 2 and Predator.
Peacemaker Filmworks is a specialty camera team and leading service provider to the Candian film & television industry.