The following interviews were conducted by Michael Dylan Welch in the fall of 2020 with the winners in each of the six categories in VCBF’s 2020 Haiku Invitational contest presented by Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, United States, International, and Youth. We invite you to get to know each winner a little better through his or her responses and to learn their influences and recommendations regarding haiku poetry.

To read their interviews please click on the poet’s name or picture

Genevieve Wynand
Coquitlam, BC

cherry blossoms fall—
the gentle quake
of baby kicks

British Columbia
Ulrike E. Narwani
North Saanich, BC

cherry blossom
after cherry blossom
dawn’s slow light

Chen-ou Liu
Ajax, Ontario

blossom wind
my sick wife holds my hand

United States
Jeffrey Ferrara
Worcester, Massachusetts

mixing concrete
a few petals
don’t hurt

Marcellin Dallaire-Beaumont
Brussels, Belgium

petals in the wind
my girlfriend is never
where I expect her

Andreea Buzuc, age 12
Botosani, Romania

cherry petals
renewing the scarecrow’s
shabby coat

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