“My nieces and nephews love zipping the mats together and having picnics on them – it’s brought a whole new meaning to family time!” – G. Chan.

Made in Vancouver” Designer mini tarps for all seasons and multi-purpose use for picnickers, festival goers, soccer Moms to beach partiers!

Available for pick-up at VanDusen Botanical Garden Shop (5251 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1) only with your PayPal receipt!

Petal Mats

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Zip-up with your friends and family! 

The Inspiration……

Every year the falling cherry blossom petals signal the beginning of spring. In Japan, for hundreds of years, it has been the custom to set up a picnic beneath a blossoming cherry tree and participate in hanami (cherry blossom viewing), a custom that to this day brings all types of people out into the world to toast the changing seasons and the rebirth of nature in the warming months.

Blue tarpaulin picnic mats are as prevalent as cherry blossoms at contemporary hanami. Friends and family gather together, spreading out a sea of blue beneath the trees, as food, drink and laughter fill the air while pink petals float all around.

Our Petal Mats aim to encourage this tradition of togetherness by connecting several picnic mats together in an ever-expanding patchwork.

Each tarpaulin Petal Mat is a simple diamond shape with zippers on all 4 sides. A single mat is big enough for 2 people. As your party grows, other people can zip-up their mats to yours.

There is no wrong way to attach two mats. The geometry of the Petal Mats give people the opportunity to be creative in the assembly of their picnic space. The diamond shape allows for an infinite number of possible configurations.

As more mats assemble, more patterns appear mimicking the falling petals slowly coating the ground below the cherry tree. Continuing to grow and spread as people make new friends and gather together.

– Colin Clark, Petal Mat designer