At the Lath House & Great Lawn

  • Ichiyo Matcha Bar: All the matcha drinks you could dream of!
  • JAPADOG: Japanese-style hotdogs, poutine, yakisoba, etc.
  • Jeggs: Okonomiyaki, green tea
  • Koyuki Sapporo Ramen Izakaya: Authentic Miso ramen originally invented in Sapporo city in Hokkaido, known as “Ramen Kingdom
  • Takenaka: Freshly made to order TEMAKI hand-rolled sushi on the spot and signature Bento Boxes
  • Teppan Yaro: Comfort foods like gyoza, beef rice burger, and rice cake with red bean paste
  • Teriyaki Boys: A Japanese street food trailer featuring teriyaki chicken rice bowls and more
  • Tokyo Katsu Sand: The first food truck for serving “real Japanese style Katsu sando” has arrived in Vancouver!
  • Wakwakburger: Japanese-style burger and fries–YUM!