The following interviews were conducted by Michael Dylan Welch in the fall of 2016 with the winners in each of the six categories in VCBF’s 2016 Haiku Invitational contest presented by Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, United States, International, and Youth. We invite you to get to know each winner a little better through his or her responses, and to learn their influences and recommendations regarding haiku poetry.

Rachel Enomoto

Rachel Enomoto
Burnaby, British Columbia

double cherry blossoms
I breathe in
the entire sky
Beth Skala

British Columbia
Beth Skala
Nanaimo, British Columbia

first driver’s licence—
showing friends
the cherry blossoms
Marianne Paul

Marianne Paul
Kitchener, Ontario

bowl of cherry pits
my grandson tries to guess
my age
DL Mattila

United States
dl mattila
Oakton, Virginia

soft pedaling
our differences
cherry blossoms
Jan Dobb

Jan Dobb
Canberra, Australia

can’t stop grinning
at pink cherry blossoms
first grandchild
Victoria Vieira

Victoria Vieira, age 17
Coquitlam, British Columbia

Beneath the blossoms
hands swinging
letting go

Congratulations to each winner, and thank you for reading. We hope you will enter next year’s Haiku Invitational contest.